Re: Something must change

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:30:05 -0600

Glenn -- you also wrote:

>>It starts with the question, Why would God NOT give us a true history
the Flood? There are only 4 possibilities:

1. He is willing and able. Thus it is a true/historical message.
2. He is unwilling and able. Thus He is telling us something not true
He knows it is untrue. Very unGodlike; very scary.
3. He is willing and unable. Very unGodlike.
4. He is unwilling and unable. -really bad option.

I personally find the logic very tight!>>

Glenn Glenn Glenn! Oh my. Your logic is NOT tight!

Can you not see that option 1 has many levels?

You say "He is willing and able. Thus it is a true/historical message."

The two sentences do not necessarily hang together.
Let me delineate just two of the levels:

1. He is willing and able.
1a. He does it to 20th century historical standards.
1b. He does it to 5th century (BC) parable standards

(I think Genesis 1-11 was written about 500 BC -- I may well be off by a
hundred years or so). It is highly unlikely that the human author,
writing, as we believe, under God's guidance, had any idea of 20th
century standards. His job, as he saw it, was to convey theological
truths to the people of his time (and ours to, as it turned out).

The messages of Genesis 1-11 are theological -- not historical (IMHO).

The ESSENTIAL messages of Genesis 1-11 are theological, not historical.
(more than my own opinion).

Would you agree?


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