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Jan de Koning (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 11:45:43 -0400

At 08:56 PM 19/08/98 -0500, Glenn R. Morton wrote:
>At 01:52 PM 8/18/98 -0400, Jan de Koning wrote:
>Consequently we use the word "truth" in the
>>present "scientific" sense, but do not realize that in biblical times it
>>has more the sense of faithfulness. The Bible tells us the stories of
>>God's faithfulness. Since God is faithful, they are true, but not in the
>>sense the word "true" is used now. Truth is the same word as troth, only
>>the meaning of these words differ now, but not in biblical times.
>I would submit that if the Biblical stories didn't actually happen then God
>couldn't possibly be faithful. He couldn't have done the things the stories
>claim are evidence of his faithfulness. If the stories didn't actually
>happen, then the evidence of God's faithfulness is based upon fictional
>stories. I would conclude that this would imply that God's faithfulness is
>a fiction also.
I do not want to prolong this discussion, therefore just this: God is
faithful and uses men to tell about His faithfulness, that is He addresses
men at the time they live in their language. These people wrote it down
faithfully. Other men copied and translated. Human work is always
incomplete, or even worse incorrect. Therefor:

a. when Genesis was written down, it was written down for (and by)people
that had a certain understanding of life on earth. That did not include
time spans of millions of years, but even it did not include a round globe
(the four corners of the earth.)

b.when Genesis was written down by Moses, he wrote down what he knew. He
knew that there had been floods, he knew that at times most (and I think
all) people on earth died. I have no trouble with that at all. But it
does not mean that the flood story as he wrote it, is therefor according to
"fact", for want of a better word.

c.the purpose of the bible is to tell about God's faithfulness, indeed.
But faithfulness and scientific truth are not the same. As I said before,
God talked to people in Moses time in a language they understood.

d. God talks to us now in His Word, a Word He revealed in the Bible and
Nature, and most importantly through His Son. Each of these Words have a
different purpose, and thus use a different language.

e. our scientific investigation about what happened may change, our
interpretation of he bible may change, but God remains faithful.

More could be said, and I have said much more about it in the past, but for
now, this is my last posting on this issue. In a few week's time we (my
wife and I) go to Europe for almost six weeks and we need to prepare.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.