Re: Something must change

Glenn R. Morton (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 21:50:04 -0500

At 05:04 PM 8/20/98 -0400, George Murphy wrote:
> I think Glenn wants to focus more strongly on the Flood than I do.

A point of information. I can certainly understand that, but you must
remember that everyday I go to work and deal with geological data that
screams NO FLOOD! And the only place I can find that would work is where I
put it. There is NO widespread Holocene geological strata found in the
Tigris and Euphrates River basins. If there had been a really big flood
there, then there should be some evidence left of its existence. We have
evidence of the Missoula flood of 18,000 years ago and of similar flood in
the Altai Mountains of Russia from about the same time. So to say that all
evidence eroded away is ad hoc.

The object
>of my criticism is not so much his specific thesis (though I have problems
with it) as
>with the tendency of many conservative Christians to think that all
biblical accounts
>could in principle be verified as historically accurate if we could just
find the
>evidence. There is simply a refusal to give serious consideration to the
>that the Bible contains other types of literature.

I fully accept that Psalms is not historical and not scientific. I don't
try to get any historical or scientific data from Psalms. See I do believe
in other forms of literature. I just don't categorize the Flood account in
the same fashion you do. It is not a masil.


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