Re: Something must change

John W Burgeson (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 13:35:20 -0600

George -- you wrote to Glenn as follows:

" there also comes a time when a retreat from a position which we
have come to see is untenable is the better part of valor rather than
being massacred at a theological Alamo. "

First of all, as a Texas resident for much of my life, I'd disagree!
And in Glenn's case, though I have not "bought" his thesis, I
have not, so far, seen anyone develop a falsification for it
-- it may well be "unusual," it may well be "new," but
those are not arguments which cut any ice with me. I am particularly
impressed that the thesis contains, at least potentially, falsification

My own theological position is probably close to yours & Howard's
on the "proper" way to read the early chapters of Genesis. But a small
part of my mind keeps on insisting that the type of verification Glenn
seeks is worth the game.

I appreciate all the dialog here -- from others as well as you, Howard &


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