RE: Something must change

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 20:56:56 -0500

At 01:52 PM 8/18/98 -0400, Jan de Koning wrote:
Consequently we use the word "truth" in the
>present "scientific" sense, but do not realize that in biblical times it
>has more the sense of faithfulness. The Bible tells us the stories of
>God's faithfulness. Since God is faithful, they are true, but not in the
>sense the word "true" is used now. Truth is the same word as troth, only
>the meaning of these words differ now, but not in biblical times.

I would submit that if the Biblical stories didn't actually happen then God
couldn't possibly be faithful. He couldn't have done the things the stories
claim are evidence of his faithfulness. If the stories didn't actually
happen, then the evidence of God's faithfulness is based upon fictional
stories. I would conclude that this would imply that God's faithfulness is
a fiction also.

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