Looking for Christian scientists to interview

Ted Davis (TDavis@mcis.messiah.edu)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:32:58 -0400

Some may recall that, last fall, I asked for volunteers to be interviewed
on-line by senior science students at Messiah enrolled in my capstone
course. That assignment was a success, so I want to try it again this fall.

I'm seeking volunteers from any discipline of science, incl. mathematics/CSC
and medicine, but not including engineering. I would prefer to have people
who have thought about Christian faith and science fairly deeply, which
means members of this listserve. If you volunteer, I can't promise that a
student will contact you, since I may have more names than we need. Also, I
should announce that most of my students are studying biology or
environmental science, a few chemistry, but we don't have physics majors in
the group. Last year they tended to avoid contacting physicists;
nonetheless, I encourage all interested parties to contact me, OFF BOARD, if
they wish to enter their names into my list.

I will do my best to see that no one is contacted by more than one student,
and that this contact takes place in September.

Ted Davis