Re: Something must change

George Murphy (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 08:04:12 -0400

Glenn R. Morton wrote:
> I would merely note that in all other areas of human endeavor, except
> theology, we require that the data match our theories. We would not
> believe any historician who claimed that Lee made a march across Georgia
> and burned everything in sight! It wouldn't accord with the facts and we
> would laugh the man out of the circles of historians. Why, oh why, do we
> Christians think we can play such a game with the word of God?

& I think it's high time that we also criticized Jesus' irresponsible practice
of telling _stories_ (gasp!) like the Prodigal Son and the Unjust Steward when he should
have been teaching some _true_ facts.

George L. Murphy