Re: Something must change

Jonathan Clarke (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 08:56:08 +1000


I would agree strongly with much of what you wrote. Could you please clarify
the following excerpt.

> The biblical text was not _written_ by God, it was _inspired_ by God. It
> was written by human beings in the conceptual vocabularies of their day and
> culture, and within the limits of the writers' knowledge base. It is very
> valuable as a record of how particular persons and communities experienced
> the authentic presence of God,

You appear to be saying that inspiration is the record of the authentic
presence of God. What do you see as the difference between the books in the
Biblical canon and or any other Christian book (for example) Augustine's
"Confessions") recording an individual's or community's encounter with God?

Are they equally inspired? If not, what criteria do we use to discriminate?

In Christ