'rugby' listserv

Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:01:00 -0400

Wendee Holtcamp wrote:

>I don't mean to spoil the party but this kind of talk, even if guised in
>semi-polite "discussion" is not appropriate for Christians talking to one

Wendee, I think you are taking the debating here too seriously. This is
rugby, not table tennis. However, even rugby is commonly played between
friends, and even if a little blood is shed, there is no malice intended.
rarely been uncivil or malicious. We all recognize each other as
brothers in Christ, even though sometimes brothers can play rough with
each other.

This list serves as a welcome break and retreat from our otherwise
often dull and mundane jobs. I have learned a lot from it, even from
people whose views I don't agree with. On a list like this, it is possible
to get candid feedback and criticism that people would not utter in a
face-to-face meeting. Hence we can learn more effectively.

If you want to see what real inappropriate debates look like, examine
some of the usenet lists, where unbelievers and cult believers of all
kinds abound. If this list were full of flames like that, we would have
stopped participating in it years ago.

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