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Steven Schimmrich (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 00:31:42 -0400

At 10:39 PM 8/10/98 -0600, Bill Payne wrote:
> Glenn R. Morton wrote:
>> We are indeed to love one another. But for those like me, in the
>> geosciences, I find that atheism is rampant largely because of the
>> inability of the geological data to be placed into a Biblical perspective.
>> My former boss, an atheist, told me flatly, that he is an atheist because
>> there is no evidence that anything in early Genesis is true.
> Perhaps the best response to him would be to shift his focus to the
> person of Jesus Christ. I once considered the Bible to be on the same
> intellectual level as Santa Claus and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. A
> Christian suggested that I read _Evidence That Demands a Verdict_ by
> Josh McDowell. One paragraph in that book, relating to the authenticity
> of the miracles of Jesus, became the pivot point of my whole life.
> Within two weeks I had become a Christian, and the objections I had had
> to Genesis became of no consequence for the next 15 years. Only when I
> realized that I was unable to defend my beliefs against non-Christians
> did I again become interested in origins.

I also read a Josh McDowell book as a teenager which was recommended to
me by a Christian after I expressed doubts about the truthfulness of
Christianity and the Bible. I can't remember the title right now (it's
12:30 am and my brain's a bit foggy at the moment) but it was an apologetic
book formatted like a series of questions and answers about various topics.
It discussed young-earth creationism (I remember it had some real nonsense
in it about dinosaurs) and turned me off Christianity for a couple of more
years. Fortunately, God didn't want to give up on me and send some people
with better apologetic material.

- Steve.

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