Re: love vs. intellectual study

Bill Payne (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 22:39:58 -0600

Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> We are indeed to love one another. But for those like me, in the
> geosciences, I find that atheism is rampant largely because of the
> inability of the geological data to be placed into a Biblical perspective.
> My former boss, an atheist, told me flatly, that he is an atheist because
> there is no evidence that anything in early Genesis is true.

Perhaps the best response to him would be to shift his focus to the
person of Jesus Christ. I once considered the Bible to be on the same
intellectual level as Santa Claus and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. A
Christian suggested that I read _Evidence That Demands a Verdict_ by
Josh McDowell. One paragraph in that book, relating to the authenticity
of the miracles of Jesus, became the pivot point of my whole life.
Within two weeks I had become a Christian, and the objections I had had
to Genesis became of no consequence for the next 15 years. Only when I
realized that I was unable to defend my beliefs against non-Christians
did I again become interested in origins.

Glenn and I have the same objective, to reconcile the Bible and science
so that there is no stumbling block there for seekers. God has just
designed us to reach different parts of the body of Christ. :-)