Re: love vs. intellectual study/WAS swallowing mercury

Glenn R. Morton (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 20:56:48 -0500

At 11:05 PM 8/9/98 -0500, Wendee HOLTCAMP wrote:
> I'm sure God will be much more impressed by the amount of
>love we all show our families, our friends, and strangers than he will for
>us to be able to accurately be able to explain to him the way He put the
>universe together and how it operates.

We are indeed to love one another. But for those like me, in the
geosciences, I find that atheism is rampant largely because of the
inability of the geological data to be placed into a Biblical perspective.
My former boss, an atheist, told me flatly, that he is an atheist because
there is no evidence that anything in early Genesis is true.

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