Request for website list and comments

Ted Davis (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:23:04 -0400

To all subscribers:

I would like to compose a list of websites on topics related to religion and
science. This will not be a "master list" that includes every site known to
subscribers, rather an "annotated list" of excellent sites ONLY that will do
the following things:

(1) Give URL

(2) Identify author(s) of information, if this is easily done. Skip this if
there are many authors or author(s) are unknown.

(3) Summarize in paragraph form -- preferrably not more than 3 or 4
sentences -- the content of the URL, not only the range of information but
also the point of view should be spelled out if possible.

At some point I will be making this list available on my webpage. I will
clearly state that this has been compiled from many contributors, but I
don't plan to identify contributors by name or credit specific descriptions
to specific persons. So, if you require that sort of credit, please don't
send me anything. For the moment, I plan to use it "internally" with my own
students. I expect to go public with it before the end of the academic

Thanks in advance to any/all who have information to send,

Ted Davis