love vs. intellectual study/WAS swallowing mercury

Sun, 09 Aug 1998 23:05:29 -0500

>"As iron sharpens iron," Glenn is constantly challenging me and helping
>me to refine my view of science and Scripture. This is necessary for me
>personally to be ready to give every man an answer for the hope that
>lies within me.

God Bless you Bill for admitting your mistake. And likewise even though
Glenn was criticized at some point for changing his mercury story (ie.
"being inconsistent" or something) I applaud that he is not so "tied" by
his own ideas and interpretations that he is able to continually
re-evaluate to see if indeed they are internally consistent and to listen
to others' comments and ideas. We should all do as much. But we would also
be wise to remember that intellectual study of the bible is only that -
helping *ourselves* to understand details. What Christ led us to do was to
look at the big picture - to love and care about other people. It is a lot
HARDER to put your heart and soul on the line and care for people than to
spend 20+ years of your life trying to make sure you have it "all figured
out just right." I'm sure God will be much more impressed by the amount of
love we all show our families, our friends, and strangers than he will for
us to be able to accurately be able to explain to him the way He put the
universe together and how it operates.

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