Usefulness of ICR material

David Campbell (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 16:07:24 -0400

>I must admit that alot of interesting titles are offered. I am mulling
>over getting the Proceedings as well as possibly getting the past ones.
>Do you think that these materials are valuable resources ? As an old
>earther, I may complain about YEC's who ignore the results of many areas
>of scientific inquiry, but should I not be conversant in their work also
>Has anyone used those resources and found them profitable ?

A few years ago, there was a YEC-connected poster in the paleontology
session at the Geological Society of America. It reported a mass mortality
event for some Paleozoic cephalopods and said nothing about the age of the
earth, global flooding, etc. I did hear some disparaging comments about
their motives, but it seemed reasonable as far as it went. However, I only
remember one accurate, current claim from the ICR participant in a debate
here at UNC a few years ago.

David Campbell