RE: An interesting comment by John Morris

McCarrick, Allan (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 13:45 EST

I think that I should clarify my comments regarding Johnson and Behe.

Johnson himself attempts to avoid those areas that serve to divide the
non-evolutionary camps in order to speak to all of us (or maybe FOR all
of us). I am sure that his intensions are completely honorable. His
message is strictly on the topic of the nature of the evidence presented
as proofs of evolution. But John Morris "smells a rat" a mile away. YEC
groups do not seem to know what to do with him (friend or foe ?), but his
reception is usually a good one. Johnson spoke at ICC '94.

Behe on the other hand is a little more open on his beliefs, but usually
only when pressed. The universe is very old, the fossil record should be
read as many gradual changes, with some creation events (I think). I am
not really able to differentiate between Behe's view and that of Howard
vanTill (God placed in the first created things (life or pre-life ?) and
in the laws of the universe the capacity to fulfill God's sovereign plan
- tell me if I'm wrong here).

Al McCarrick