Re: Interesting comment by John Morris

Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:43:41 -0500

In the Feb 1998 issue of "Back to Genesis" (an insert in Acts and Facts
from ICR), John Morris comments on the Firing Line debate creation team:

>> Any form of old-earth thinking, theistic evolution, or progressive
creation is so >>similar to secular evolution that their defense is
ultimately a waste of time."

I'm coming to much the same conclusion (its a waste of time to argue...)
but from an entirely different perspective.

I don't think theistic evolution or old-earth thinking in itself is a waste
of time but rather the defense of it is a waste of time. I know that my
relationship with God is strong, I know my salvation is not in any way at
risk from my trust in good science as reliable, and so why should I (or any
of you) waste our time defending ourselves to close-minded,
never-gonna-change, mind-already-made-up-even-if-God-told-them-the-opposite
kind of people.

I think if people from both perspectives (YEC, OEC, evolutionists and
ant-evolutionists) would spend less time bickering and trying to prove
their points (no matter how eloquently and scientifically and logically
coherenet, researched and thought out, or not...) and more time doing the
things JESUS CHRIST told us to (love, help, teach, pray, BE in Christ) then
the world would maybe just begin to be a better place. We have sooooo many
problems is today's world - homeless people, poor health, lonely and
depressed souls, violence, child abuse, sexual immorality - that if we
could spend half as much time taking action against these things than we
did trying to prove our own creation beliefs to the rest of the world, we
just may actually be helping bring about the furtherance of God's kingdom
and not simply damaging it more and more.

(Don't think its just the YECs that do this, it is evident on both sides of
the fence).

If you and the people closest to you KNOW you and your good works as a
fruit of your deep love for God and his people (both saved and unsaved),
then none of you should care less about what anyone wants to think about
your salvation with regards to your beliefs on the Creation.

With love in Christ,
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