Interesting comment by John Morris

McCarrick, Allan (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 12:11 EST

In the Feb 1998 issue of "Back to Genesis" (an insert in Acts and Facts
from ICR), John Morris comments on the Firing Line debate creation team:

"None of the anti-evolutionists were Biblical creationists, choosing to
leave God and His record of origins out of the discussion. By not
relying on the Genesis Flood to explain fossils, the curse as the
ultimate source of mutations and extinctions, the God of the Bible as the
intelligence behind the design we see, their position was weakened and
disunited. ICR very much appreciates the work of Johnson, Behe, and
Berlinski, but we recognize that without Biblical creationism they fall
short of a God-pleasing mark. Any form of old-earth thinking, theistic
evolution, or progressive creation is so similar to secular evolution
that their defense is ultimately a waste of time."

One area of frustration that I have felt towards Johnson and Behe is
their hemming and hawing on the age of the earth issue and the degree of
natural processes that God used in accomplishing life as we see it. The
YEC side clearly sees through their reluctance, but doesn't it just
continue to confound the secular world that believes that their are only
two sides to this discussion ?