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Glenn R. Morton (grmorton@waymark.net)
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 19:24:06 -0500

I just had the funniest thing happen. Last year when I was preparing Adam,
Apes and Anthropology, I offered Hugh Ross the opportunity to review the
book since there were some things critical of his ideas. I sent them a
note on July 13, 1997 making this offer. Here is my original note:

Sun Jul 13 20:31:16 1997
To: Tadd@reasons.org
From: grmorton@mail.isource.net (Glenn Morton)
Subject: Question

I have a manuscript which I am going to begin selling this fall. The
subject is on the behavior of fossil man. One of the first reviewers asked
me if I had asked Ross to review the book. This is a good idea. Would he
be interested in doing this? I would want his critiques of my position so
that I can either address them or change the particular argument.
*** end July 13, 1997 note***

Tonight, I got my reply telling me that Dr. Ross was too busy to do this
and informing me that they had a policy against doing this. Here is my
reply to their note:

Thank you for responding, after a year's delay. Since Dr. Ross had
criticised some of the things I had said in "Response to Glenn Morton's
Critique," Facts & Faith, 11:1 p. 6-7, I wanted to be fair and offer him to
opportunity to respond to some critiques that I had of his views within the
aforesaid book. But since your organization has all of the speed of the
proverbial tortoise, the book sans Dr. Ross' input has been available for
about 8 months. Thank you for your timely consideration.


Glenn R. Morton

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