Actively Guided Evolution?

Dick Fischer (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:03:31 -0400

George Murphy wrote:

>The phrase "actively guided" is a little like "inerrant" in connection
>with Scripture. There is a sense in which I could affirm the latter but
>I'd rather not because most people who use it mean not just "without error"
>but "accurate historical narrative." Similarly, there is a careful sense in
>which I could speak of God"actively guiding" evolution but I'd rather not
>because Johnson & others want it to mean that some natural phenomena
>bear an unmistakeable _deus me fecit_ stamp on them.

George, I declare, with you and Phil Johnson as "defenders" of the faith
who needs adversaries?

I hesitate to ask you how Scripture could be "without error" (which you
say you could affirm) but historically inaccurate (which you imply),
because I reckon you would tell us.

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