Re: The more they learn, the less they believe

Paul Arveson (
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 09:32:20 -0400

George Murphy wrote:
>Dick Fischer wrote:
>> Phil Johnson wrote:
>> >>Suppose Larson and Witham had asked biologists who are members
>> of the NAS to step forward publicly at a scientific convention to affirm in
>> front of their colleagues that they agree with this statement: "A
>> supernatural
>> being we call God actively guided evolution in order to bring about the
>> existence of human beings in furtherance of a divine purpose." How many
>> would step forward?<<
>> If this is the litmus test, I too fail it. The problematic phrase for me is
>> "actively guided." Does God actively guide the changes that occur in
>> the evolution of the human DNA molecule? How do deleterious genes
>> slip through? How do genetic defects arise? Does God fall asleep at
>> the switch from time to time? Your statement implicates the Creator
>> for genetic disease. Is that your intent?
> The phrase "actively guided" is a little like "inerrant" in
>connection with
>Scripture. There is a sense in which I could affirm the latter but I'd
>rather not
>because most people who use it mean not just "without error" but "accurate
>narrative." Similarly, there is a careful sense in which I could speak of
>guiding" evolution but I'd rather not because Johnson & others want it to
>mean that some
>natural phenomena bear an unmistakeable _deus me fecit_ stamp on them.
> Shalom,
> George

This is a good thread. I appreciate your efforts to articulate a statement
of the relationship between God and nature. It's the neglected doctrine of
Providence. As you can see, to state things correctly requires a lot of
nuance and care, in order to avoid numerous pitfalls into descriptions
which either reduce God to being a part of the universe-machine, or remove
Him from it entirely. I have not yet been able to formulate a statement
that I would be comfortable in sharing, but I believe this is an important
task because it really gets to the core of our current difficulties.

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