Re: The more they learn, the less they believe

Dick Fischer (
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 19:35:02 -0400

Phil Johnson wrote:

>>Suppose Larson and Witham had asked biologists who are members
of the NAS to step forward publicly at a scientific convention to affirm in
front of their colleagues that they agree with this statement: "A
being we call God actively guided evolution in order to bring about the
existence of human beings in furtherance of a divine purpose." How many
would step forward?<<

If this is the litmus test, I too fail it. The problematic phrase for me is
"actively guided." Does God actively guide the changes that occur in
the evolution of the human DNA molecule? How do deleterious genes
slip through? How do genetic defects arise? Does God fall asleep at
the switch from time to time? Your statement implicates the Creator
for genetic disease. Is that your intent?

Let's try this statement: "A supernatural being we call God set up the
boundary conditions of the universe and established its laws at the
moment of creation. He directly or indirectly introduced life on earth
with the inherent capability to reproduce with increasing complexity. In
His foreknowledge, resultant life forms were foreseen. Evolution is a
natural process that adheres to God's laws. As far as we know God
neither guides, controls, manipulates, or impedes the process."

There, let's try that statement on those heathen scientists and see if
we get a more favorable response.

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