RE: Chocking Noah after he has been choked on H2SO4

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 19:31:11 -0500

At 03:20 PM 7/29/98 -0400, Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:
>My comment is not intended to support a YEC view, but more a matter of
>consistency. If volcanic ash cannot be formed under water, then the flood
>could not have covered the entire earth. If it can (and did), there may not
>have been any noxious fumes.

Interesting point. As far as I can tell, volcanic widespread ash cannot be
deposited underwater. And if you put all the noxious fumes into the ocean,
then you will kill the ocean life (remember one of my notes reported the
calculation of a friend at the Tennessee Dept. of Geology that if my
quantity of H2SO4 was correct it would create an ocean with a pH of 2.2.
That would prevent Noah from choking, but would kill all the fish in the

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