Re: Chocking Noah after he has been choked on H2SO4

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 19:27:31 -0500

At 12:27 PM 7/29/98 +0100, Matthew Bell wrote:
>This was a question that as a novice to the subject I too was going to ask.
>There is nothing that I can see in the Biblical account which mentions or
>hints at volcanic activity during the flood. I suspect that proposing that
>there was none presents more problems for the yec position than if there
>was. Am I right?

There is absolutely nothing in the Bible to indicate that volcanoes erupted
or that the entire geologic column was deposited in one single global
flood. That is the INTERPRETATION of the young-earth creationists based
upon the ENGLISH word 'earth' and its connotation for 20th century
Americans. What they fail to realize is that the HEBREW word 'eretz' is
most often translated as 'land' or 'country'. The ancient Hebrews didn't
have the understanding that there was a 'planet earth'. So YECs are
putting 20th century thoughts into the minds of ancient Hebrews.

However, you are correct that within YEC views which require a young-earth
(<10,000 years) if the volcanoes didn't go off during the flood, then there
is NO explanation for the volcanic rocks sandwiched throughout the flood
sediments. If the volcanoes didn't go off, then the YECs must believe that
God created the volcanic rocks without volcanoes.

Of course YECs will continue to claim that they believe what they believe
because of the science. Which of course can't be true because they can't
explain the volcanically created sulfuric acid or the CO2 output of a
global flood.

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