Re: New Insights into Antiquity

John W Burgeson (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 16:46:57 -0600

This is to both the ASA and EVOLUTION LISTSERVs:

I received an e-mail from the publisher
of "New Insights.. " Part of what he commented was
the following:

" Please do not be dismayed because the subject matter is
beyond your field of expertise. Certainly it is. It is
mostly new and unfamiliar and so is beyond the expertise of
most people. However, that problem is easily fixed by reading
the book carefully from the beginning. "

This is a reply to him on the statement above:

George -- what I meant when I said the subject matter was outside my area
of expertise was exactly that. My education is physics; my last
area of technical expertise (at IBM) was market research. The historical
arguments in the book are OK; the ones involving geology are
simply outside anything I can recognize. I read the text; I looked
at the pictures. There is no way I could describe them to someone else.
about that! "Reading it carefully" does not substitute for
an academic background and training!

I've finished the book and will probably write a review on it (note to
Steve S. -- I'll copy you or the SCICHR LISTSERV) about mid August.


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