Re: Hugh Ross, et al

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:25:13 -0400

Al McCarrick wrote:

>A second feeling I am getting is that Ross himself seems isolated from
>outside criticism. He does not test his ideas in such forums as ours
>where capable people will probably disagree.

>Any thoughts ?

It has amazed me how otherwise conscientious and knowledgable Christian
leaders will get drawn out of their areas of expertise and espouse such
questionable dogma that it makes you wonder if they know anything about
what it is they are supposed to know something about.

If you have problems with Hugh on his anthropological faux pas you should
read what he has said about UFO's. He believes they are demonic
manifestations of some kind. (My apologies to all on this list who
subscribe to UFO's as results of demonic activity.)

But they all do it. Colson, Dobson, Kennedy, McDowell, Robertson -
seemingly intelligent men all get sucked into the slime pits of creationism
to the detriment of their credibility. And don't bother sending truth
to any of these icons of Christian respectibility. They have assistants
in place to ensure they don't get exposed to any voices of correction.

The only ones I can think of who have been able to resist is Billy Graham.
and Pope John Paul.

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