Re: Protein Society Meeting -- Reductionism in Biology

Will Dye (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 11:19:39 -0500

On the ASA list, Terry M. Gray writes:

> I'm at the annual meeting of the Protein Society [...]

Thank you, Dr. Gray, for a very interesting and informative post. I
very much enjoy reading first-hand accounts from conferences that I was
not able to attend.

FWIW, your post led me to fantasize of protein-structure determination
becoming so easy & routine that it's done by discount mail-order. Maybe
it will never be THAT routine, but it's a fun thought: cheesy "big sale"
flyers and cheap hard-sell TV ads for formerly-arcane tasks. "Cr-r-razy
Bob's Discount Sequencing -- and we ALWAYS include a FREE Ginzu knife!"

> I used to start my biochemistry course by chopping up a whole marigold
> plant in a Waring blender. [...] Nervous excitement crept over my
> classes when I had a goldfish in a beaker or laboratory mouse in a cage
> up on the front desk next to the blender.

I wish I had taken biochem from you. :-)

Have fun at the conference. Thanks again for an interesting post.


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