Re: "modern" evolutionary theory/evidence (fwd)

J. McKiness (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:41:19 -0500 (CDT)

> In response to Wendee's initial post where she wrote:
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> I am in desparate need for some quick answers to these question re. modern
> evolution. (see below)
> This is to supplement a rebuttal I am writing for an article "Is God an
> Evolutionist" that appeared in Jul 98 Lutheran Witness Magazine. Sadly, he
> has numerous factual errors, false premises, and quotes out of context,
> that render his entire manuscript questionable. It is very distressing to
> me to see someone cling so tenaciously to their beliefs, that they are
> unable to even present them in an unbiased light. When we do this, are we
> not at danger of worshiping our "beliefs" about God rather than God
> Himself? Anyway... my questions...

Hi Wendee,

I too was dismayed by that article, especially considering the credentials
of the author. I read it a couple of weeks ago but was not surprised, I
believe the last official convention statement of the LCMS was in 1932
(you can find it's statement on the issue on the LCMS website) and it is
not a topic of interest within LCMS management, they know the "truth."
The article is in line also with the beliefs of most members of LCMS
churchs, they are conservative, I know I am elder in an affiliated church
in Coralville, Iowa and have been in many others in 8 states.

I have been thinking about responding too but from my experience (my dad
is a retired LCMS minister and I have been around the denomination all my
life) I do not believe anything positive will come out of it (I am already
somewhat of a heretic in my church and not sure I want to make that
official nationally). The important thing is that some people may see that
there are other Christian view points on this (if your response is
published), if you are not a member in a LCMS affiliated church however
your views will not be appreciated, if you are you will be consided
heretical by some including President Berry. But if you feel called to do
this, I pray that your voice will be heard -- Go For It.

It looks like others are on top of you questions so I will end here. If
you need more help let me know.

In Him,