New Insights into Antiquity

John W Burgeson (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:24:30 -0600

New Insights into Antiquity, by Richard Petersen,
Engwald & Co.
4730 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018
ISBN 0-9662134-1-6
Hardback, $27.95

has just been published. The publisher has sent me a copy to review.

I mentioned this book a month or so ago on this LISTSERV
and said I would, if I got it, write a review.

The review will be forthcoming later .. I will put it on the EVOLUTION
LISTSERV as it more properly (I think) belongs there.

By copy of this LISTSERV post I invite the author/publisher to
engage in dialog on this book on the EVOLUTION LISTSERV.
The book's thesis draws heavily on geological arguments
which are beyond my field of expertise.

A web site exists for other information & discussion at

The book's thesis is that the principle of Uniformity is
not a valid one for at least a part of earth's history; that
using this assumption contemporary science is not able to explain
certain data observations and that, therefore, it must be abandoned
in favor of the author's explanation. It is -- to say the least -- an

More on EVOLUTION -- later.