The Holy Trinity
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 16:22:40 EDT

Upon reading the Newsweek article, "Science Finds God", I have come to the
conclusion that science has not only found God, but the Holy Trinity as well.

First of all, the chaos theory (which I wouldn't quite consider chaos)
reflects the unpredictability of sub-atomic partilcles, and the quantum theory
reflects the unpredictability on the universal level; both theories leave a
gap in which sub-atomic particles and the universe lack in abiding any
scientic law. This gap is where God comes in. God works in minute and
universal ways, while leaving mankind a leverage of freedom.

Second, it has come to my assumption, in conjunction with the chaos and
quantum therories, that God is the universe (the universe, or largest size
imaginable, is "10 with 29 zeros after it, [in centimeters]" in size) and he
works on the "large scale" of our universe. The Holy Spirit (aka the giver of
LIGHT) works on the "minute scale" (the smallest size imaginable is "10 with
24 zeros [and a decimal] in front of it [in centimeters]" in size). This would
explain how the Holy Ghost (also pertaining to God
him/herself) is within us, is our light, and is all knowing, for a particle of
that size would most definitely have a superluminal (time travel) ability. Now
where does Christ (and man) fit in. Well, apparently between the largest size
imaginable and the smallest size imaginable, man is right in the middle. Now
light is known to be both particles and waves. Jesus, falling in the middle of
God and the Holy Spirit, was considered human and divine. It is possilble that
Jesus embodied both particle and wave (thus being human and almighty/our light
in body and spirit.)

Finally, off the subject of the Holy Trinity, I have my own assumptions as to
what a soul actually. All things have energy. If you used nuclear power, that
nuclear energy is transformed to toxic waste (this may be an unappropriate
metaphor). The toxic waste still contains energy, but this energy is untapped
by man/woman. Now after we die, we have an energy. What happens to it? Well I
will leave that up to you to decide. I do have a theory though. Consider our
souls like real energy, positive and negative. What we do during our lives
determines what energy we are made up of. When we die we go into heaven, where
the positive energy is. Or hell, where the negative energy is. Now if you
think this there is "too scientific" to be religious, think about how God made
'everything' in the universe. God made the schematics of our lives, it is our
job to live it right. If you trip and fall while running to help someone, God
didn't make you trip. He created the ground you tripped on, the person in need
of assistance, and you. He made the ground with intent that you would walk
upon it (not to trip upon it; especially since he also gave you a brain and a
pair of eyes so you won't trip on the ground... so get up off the ground you
fool!) Getting back to what I was saying. Maybe I convinced you too much and
now it sounds a little too supernatural or "hopeful. Well, think of this.
Remember back to a time where you did something bad. Now remember a time where
you really shined as a human being. Isn't funny how you can remember that. Ok,
so your brain has memory... whose to say your "energy" (soul) doesn't. If the
computer you ar working on now has a chip the size of your pinky with
encyclopedias of information using help from a wire and socket, whose to say a
more natural energy (the enrgy that is making you live now!) doesn't have that
type of good and evil protocal. Finally, you might say the God judges us...
well if God created a system that allows your soul and body to judge what you
do, God is in fact judging you.

Well let me know what you think about my assumptions (if you agree, disagree,
of wish my "energy" to burn in hell?... all replies, whether critical or not,
are welcome)

Take care and God bless.

-Michael C. Stachiw