Re: messages from mass mailers and not subscribers.

Chris Stassen (chris@Stassen.COM)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:05:02 -0400

James Mahaffy wrote:
> Actually I am reasonably sure they are coming from an outside
> mass mailer that has NO interest in ASA but is just using the
> list.

That is correct. Since the list's address (and, I might add, the
list's archives) appear to be on publicly-accessible web pages,
ALL E-mail addresses mentioned in those files will eventually be
"harvested" and end up on spammers' mailing lists.

> Look at the headers that Steve included. The user is
> Comments: Authenticated Sender is <>

I have never seen "Authenticated Sender" in legitimate mail. For
some reason spammers seem to think they can throw people off the
track by including that header line.

Personally, I filter all E-mail including "Comments: Authenticated
Sender" in the header. It is kept out of my *real* E-mailbox, and
sent off to the spam-traps to be investigated when I have time.
That part of the filter has never rejected a single legitimate

> Actually the url works and gives a totally different e-mail and
> now he probably put a cookie on the site and I will get more
> unwanted mail sighhh!!!

I recommend folks configure Netscape with a non-existent or bogus
E-mail address, so that spammers can't obtain their E-mail address
even if they trick Netscape into giving it out. (As far as I know,
cookies themselves are harmless. The only way I know of to trick
NetScape into giving out your E-mail address involves invoking a
FTP session. Edit "preferences," and under "Advanced" make sure
that "send email address as anonymous FTP password" is NOT checked.)

> What we really need is a law like the one they made to prevent
> FAX machines being used by mass mailers.

Speaking of which, the time to make noise about that is NOW. A lame
"rider" which actually legitimizes E-mail spam was attached to the
"Anti-Slamming" bill that passed the Senate a couple of weeks ago.
("Slamming" is the act of changing someone's default long-distance
telephone provider without their knowledge or consent. Putting a stop
to slamming is a good idea, but legitimizing spamming is NOT.)
The House is working on their own version now, so now is the time to
contact your representative (or all representatives in your state)
and make your opinions known. Use postal mail rather than voice mail
or a phone call. Details on this (including a copy of my letter to
my representative, which I also sent to the ~20 Ohio representatives)
can be found at:

-- Chris