SPAM from non subscriber.

James Mahaffy (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 07:22:34 -0500


Steven Schimmrich wrote:
> Fight spam!
> The letter below was sent to the ASA mailing list by a clueless
> subscriber.

I have been getting about one or more spam per day through ASA list.
These are not coming from a subscriber but from outside. I wrote the
webmaster (twice) and suggested that their majordomo software be set
like our majordomo software is on the acg-l list so that it only accepts
messages from people on the list. However, I am not sure that lists are
very high on Calvin's priorities and in any case I did not hear back.
To check and see if this is true I just unsubscribed to and will see if this goes through. The downside of
doing that is that one gets a lot of rejected messages because a person
on the list may have several e-mails some of which are not exactly like
the one he/she signed up on.

I have a feeling that some mass mailers know they have open lists and
this will only get worse.

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