Science Demonstrations for Kids

Scott A. Oakman (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:33:04 -0500

> Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:24 EST
> From: (McCarrick, Allan)
> Subject: Science Demonstrations for Kids
> Thanks for the responses, keep them coming. Remember, they are for a
> crowd of about 150, so they cannot be exactly the same as classroom or
> home demonstrations - this is what is making me rack my brain.
> The church has set up a wonderful-hands on room with stations for
> chemistry, earth science, physical science, electronics, biology,
> ecology. All classes cycle into the room and are free to visit each
> station to do small experiments. The curriculum includes stories of
> major scientists who were also Christians.

Here's an easy one---get a few rubber reflex hammers (they run about $3.50 at
medical supply stores) and get a nurse or doc in your circle to demonstrate
simple reflex arcs, like the "knee jerk". This is a big favorite with 10 year
old boys--they can't get enough of beating on each other with hammers!) You
could also feature Sir John Eccles, a Christian (or theist at least, I believe)
who was a student of Sherrington when he did his Nobel prize work on spinal

> The application is both Biblical principles of (1) God ordaining the
> invisible things to confound the mighty and (2) the work of the HS being
> like the wind - its effects are visible, but see don't see it coming.

Another reason this might be a good demo...the invisible neural processes are
inferred from the visible effects.

Scott A. Oakman
University of Minnesota