Re: YEC and fossils

Dan & Brenda Hazen (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:30:14 -0700

It seems to this layman, that regardless of any individual's particular bias or point
of view whether YEC, OEC or any other TLA, there are those who cannot or will not see
objective truth. Examples can be sighted to illustrate this fact in every category of
science, quasi-science and faith. So why not call the issue a push, accept the fact
that humans tend toward ego-centrism, account for that fact, and then continue debating

Just a thought. I very much enjoy this list, and have learned a lot. Thanks.

Dan Hazen
Allen Creek Community Church

Jonathan Clarke wrote:

> Bill Payne wrote:
> > Modern science is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways, my OEC friend.
> > World-class astronomer Halton Arp was told not to publish his discordant
> > red-shift observations. So he complied by writing a book of his
> > findings. As a result, Arp was denied telescope time by the guardians
> > of the Big Bang. Last I heard, Arp is living in West Germany where he
> > has greater freedom to pursue the truth.
> >
> Dear Bill
> Three points: first, despite Arp rejecting the majority view on redshift, quasars,
> etc, I do not think this means he believes in a young universe (correct me if I am
> wrong, please). Second, despite being told "not to publish" his unconventional
> views, his work has been published and widely publicised (it must have been if even
> this hairy knuckled geologist has heard of him). Third, advising individuals
> against publication does not automatically confer legitimacy on their work, after
> all, it may simply have been inadaquate to start with.
> Cheers
> Jonathan