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Dear ASA listservers,

This came today. I am sure that some of you have more expertise in
answering Paul than I do. I cannot find him among our ASA members and hope
that some of you in answering him might encourage him along that line. Thanks!

Don Munro

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>Some questions about the C14/C12 dating system:
>1. What is the trend of observed C14/C12 ratios during the last 50 to
>80 years? (i.e. is it increasing or decreasing)
>2. Is there proof that the C14/C12 ratio has ever, in history, been
>higher than it is today? (Published information indicates that C14/C12
>ratios fluctuate + or - 10 to 15% over time)
>3. Is there an established and verified trend of the C14/C12 ratio over
>the last 6000 years? (i.e. has C14/C12 ratio been constant over this
>time frame with fluctuations about the norm and does the norm have a
>4. What is the period if the C14/C12 fluctuation cycle and what does it
>look like? (i.e how long does it take to go from high to low to high
>concentration and does it follow a sinusoid or other pattern?)
>Thanks for your help.
>Paul Lyon
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