Re: YEC and fossils

David Campbell (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:17:12 -0400

>Most of the pamphlet bemoans how it wasn't until modern science came along
>no one ever thought of the days as being anything other than 24 hours. But,
>can't the same be said for fossils, they were not always viewed as the
>remnants of living organisms and it was science that has brought us to that
>understanding, yet her we find Anderson accepting the nature of fossils as
>fact based solely on science. His entire argument hinges on this
>interpretation of fossils. Because fossils are the result of death and
>death resulted from the fall then all fossils had to have been created
>POST-six-day creation.

Many non-24 hour interpretations predate modern science. For that matter,
24 hours in a day is derived from Babylonian astrology, not the Bible.
Also, both Augustine and Calvin argued for animal death before the fall.
History as well as science is selectively used or denied in these YEC