Time, was "Theistic action" and psychology

Jan de Koning (dekoning@attcanada.net)
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>Loren Haarsma wrote:

and I delete a lot:

>It leads me to wonder if consciousness can
>be maintained at and beyond that point, since my premise is that both
>spirit and the physical body (including the brain) are both necessary.
>Or are we unconscious from the point of death until we are restored to
>wholeness again?
When I was young I heard old people say: "So and so is out of time,"
meaning that "So and so" died. That made no sense until much later, when I
realized that "Time" is part of creation too. God made "Time," so dying
means being "out of time" and with God. What "out of time" living means we
do not know yet, but it will be revealed to us. Practically speaking, it
means for me now, that at my death I enter another way of life immediately.
I am not hanging in suspense until the end of time. Eternity is not
extended time, it may be an existence in another ("timeless") universe, not
necessarily parallel to our present three (four, if time is included)
dimensional one. According to the Bible riches of our life in time may be
brought into eternity, and I am still I.

Whenever I talk about this most people do not understand what I say, so
I very seldom try to say more about it. However "time" as a creature
deserves more thought. Especially since physicists also talk about action
at a distance, which actually means, that no 'time" is involved, or it may
be that particles have "memory." Even then "time" is involved.
Philosophers and physicists have thought and written about it:: Price,
Sharp, Davis, Prugovecki, Vollenhoven, Popma, Telder and many more.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.