Re: Sumer under water?

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 06:08:09 -0500

At 12:10 AM 6/24/98 -0400, Dick Fischer wrote:
>Glenn wrote:
>>Last night I mentioned that present rates of progradation of the
>>Tigris and Euphrates rivers would imply that in 4800 BC the
>>Persian Gulf would have been just shy of 300 miles inland of the
>>present shoreline.
>I must admit I have not studied the history of ancient Sumer before
>there were people living there. I do know the rationale for
>settling the region was because the soil was rich and suitable for
>growing crops. But not being a geologist I really don't know.
>What is soil like that has been covered by salt water right up to
>the time settlers arrive?

Salt, being highly soluble in freshwater. Given a few years worth of rain,
and the salt will be removed and the soil then OK for farming. Look at the

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