Re: History and Goals (for TE)

Craig Rusbult (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 23:28:33 -0500

David Campbell sent me the private message below, in response to my
question (in >'s) about evaluations of Kaufman. I told him I thought
it was worth sharing with the whole list and asked him if I could pass
it on to the rest of you, and he said yes, so here it is.



> And what is the consensus (and dissenting variations) about Kaufman?
> I've heard that many scientists think some of his work (but maybe not
>what you're referring to here) is applicable only for computer programs
>and math, but has very little correspondence with physical reality.
> Is there an "FAQ for a discussion about Kaufman pros/cons" or book
>reviews, or... that would provide a BALANCED summary of current views?

Hardly anyone has managed to plow all the way through some of his books,
so it's hard to find a complete review, but attempts have been made. I
don't know that much of his ideas have made it far enough into the
mainstream to get active attention. My inclination would be to guess
that the application of chaos ideas to evolution does have some
potential, but will be rather challenging.

David Campbell