Re: History and Goals (for TE)

Craig Rusbult (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 01:26:55 -0500

Glenn says,
>God's interaction with the world is a sustaing action and occasionally is
>miraculous. But God does not need to be constantly correcting the course
>of the universe as someone who has created a staggering robot and wants the
>darn robot to go east (which the robot refuses to do). God is a better
>designer than that.

This seems similar (although I may be missing some subtleties in the
brief summary given by each of you) to Dick's view:

>My preference is that God, through His preknowledge, fully knows all that
>wil transpire. You and I were known from the foundations of the earth.
>Knowin means that god is not required to make interceptions along the way
>to caus a desireable result. It is only if He is unaware of the future
>that He would be required to make corrections continually to insure an
>outcome He prefers.>In that respect TE involves a higher view of God than
>does PC.
re: this view (that "functional integrity is more glorifying to God"),
which has also been expressed by many others, one response is:

God created the universe with "connections" that allow the mixture
of various types of theistic action (TA) described in the Bible and
used in human history. Obviously, an "ability to theistically intervene"
was designed into the universe by God, so why should it be non-glorifying
if God USES this cleverly designed ability, in either human history or
formative history?

These TA-connections are described below, in a paragraph (from my
medium-sized overview) that was part of the "theistic action" message
I posted on Monday:

"God is in constantly intimate interface with every particle in the
material universe, sustaining its matter/energy with the properties
(interactive forces, wave-particle duality,...) that produce a material
mode of operation; God also sustains a spiritual mode of operation that
can interact with the material mode to produce active TA in nature. There
is a concurrent operation of foundational TA (initial-TA actualized through
sustaining-TA) and active TA (normal-appearing TA or miraculous-appearing TA)
with a seamless connection between the material and spiritual modes of
operation." p16