Re: Creation of Humans

Dick Fischer (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:48:57 -0400

Craig Rusbult wrote:

>Responding to my overview-comment about "human creation",
>"Each position can (and should) propose the creation of humans with a
>"spiritual connection" that allows a spiritual relationship between
>humans and God." Dick Fischer says,
>>For one who believes in the evolution of humans from other higher
>>primate (according to God's plan), how would you define "creation?"
>Maybe God can communicate in any way He wants with any creature, and no
>"special connection" is needed for humans, just a "special use of the
>connection" by God. Is this what you meant, Dick? If so, I would not
>disagree. (I wouldn't claim it was correct or incorrect; either way seems

I think most would interpret the term "human creation" to mean "special
creation" that would be sans ancestors. That's all I meant. Nearly all
of us believe God created the universe, but many of us resist the label
"creationist" due to the public perception of what that means.

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