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<<So I have a problem with the idea that the human line was "morally
deteriorated" prior to Adam. Pre-Adam humans could have been just as nasty as
we are but not sin just as slugs are incapable of sin. >>

I'm out of my depth when discussing morality and sin in early humans. I draw
my inferences about the moral degeneration of humans partly from Cain's fear
that he would be murdered when God banished him from the Garden. Cain's fear
was justified as God recognized, because God placed a special protective mark
on him. Cain's fear of being murdered in society speaks of a moral degenerate

I take it the sins of Pre-Adamic man were primarily sins against each other
since Pre-Adamic man did not have a covenantal relationship to God as Adam
did. The sin of Adam was of a higher order--direct defiance of God, and
refusal to obey God. The breaking of the covenant. So I agree with you that
"that Adam was the first man who could sin as he is the first who was given
the choice to disobey God."

<<Remember that the first charge given to humanity in the 1st chapter of
Genesis was to be fruitfully and multiply, which was the same as the charge
given to all other organisms.>>

You give only half of the first charge to humanity. The rest of the charge
was to subdue the earth, "and have dominion...over every living thing that
moves upon the earth." No other organisms were given this mandate.

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