Reply to Tanner
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:28:43 -0700

I must post an apology. I was rather shocked when I checked my e-mail
this morning and discovered that I had sent a message to the asa list.

The message that was posted was written very late Wednesday night, and
was not ready to be sent. I decided after reviewing it that I would
check on a few facts and do some serious editing before sending it.

Unfortunately, I left the message composition screen on top of the
windows desktop, and while I was at school on Thursday, the message was
inadvertantly sent rather than saved.

I am also experiencing some technical difficulties with my e-mail and
was having problems accessing my inbox. I have fixed the problem to
where I can now receive messages. I know there were several responses
to my post, but I am unable to access my *old inbox folder* to read
them. I have lost all the asa list postings after David Campbells post
of Tue 9 Jun 1998 12:43:29 -0400.

Again, my apologies.

Blaine McArthur