Re: three overviews of "origins questions"

Craig Rusbult (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:20:17 -0500

Dick says,

Craig Rusbult wrote >If you have any comments about the ideas in these
papers, or their >expression, please share them with me. > Okay.
Thanks for the comments; these will make good discussion topics.

Since a re-read of my initial message makes it clear that I was unclear,
here's what I intended to say: For a few days, I'd like to get private
comments (not to the whole list), to let people look at the overviews (at
least the short, and maybe the medium), and then begin a few threads on
Sunday, after I've notified some other people that it will be happening, in
case they want to also get involved.

I have one thread-topic already, and Dick mentions three other good
ones. To prevent chaos, with dozens of topics in one thread (this gets
confusing, and is time-wasting for those interested in some topics but not
others), for distinct topics we can start different threads -- maybe "ov -
spiritual connection" (for Dick's first suggestion, re: my OverViews, ov)
or "OQ - spiritual connection" (for Origins Questions...) or "creation of
spiritual connection" for a title clearly describing each topic.

By the way, Dick, I appreciate your message-editing, quoting only what
is essential from the original message. (and from the overview)

till later,