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Jeffrey Lee (
Mon, 8 Jun 98 09:04:25 -0700

On 6/5/98 20:05, Ed Brayton said:

>This is stunning even for an apologist for
>government control like Bork. This is the one that my 4th grade son was
>able to poke a hole in. Even he was able to grasp the obvious difference
>between these two "rights" to be "indulged" - one was the right to
>determine one's own actions, and the other was the right to control
>someone else's actions. These two are clearly not equal, not even to a
>ten year old.

I haven't read any of Mr. Bork's works, nor do I have much of an opinion
about him one way or the other, but I have to challenge your last
statement. The inequality of the two rights you propose is predicated on
a self-determination world view. That the rights of any individual
outweigh the rights of the society in which they live. If one accepts
this premise, then you are correct. If one doesn't, then you would be
mistaken. While a substantial number of societies are structured on this
premise, a substantial number are not. I would suggest that there are a
great number of societies that would see the obvious inequality, but in
the other direction.

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