Re: Letter to the Editor

John W Burgeson (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 13:39:18 -0600

Moorad wrote:

"I have read Bork's "Slouching Towards Gomorrah," ... I am very much
impressed with him..."

Interesting. One of my very very close friends also was highly impressed
with Bork's book. I had read it last year -- told him I thought it was
just about the phoniest (worst) book I'd read in a long time! Readable?
Yes. Interesting? Yes. Lucid? Yes. Right? Hardly! It confirmed my
thinking that Bork is best when left back in a corner where he is now! He
is probably a nice guy. Maybe even we could be friends, if introduced!
But his thinking in that book is so dead wrong as to be ludicrous.

BTW, my very very good friend does not agree with me on this. And we are
still good friends! < G >


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