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Pattle Pun (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 13:47:43 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> At 08:24 AM 6/5/98 -0500, Pattle Pun wrote:
> >Antropologist James Buswell II believes Cain could have lost his cultural
> >attainment because of the prevalence of sin based on Gen. 4:12. Thus a
> >considerable part of the economic culture as God gave it to humans before
> >the Fall might have been lost at an early date and then rediscovered
> >gradally (Gen. 3:17-19). The advanced culture suggested by Cain's
> >descendants can then be attributed to the arrival of civilization after
> >many generations had elapsed and the human population had grown. This
> >interpretation is borne out by Geen. 4:17 that suggests the presence of
> >dynasties or tribes instead of individuals, and this necessitated the
> >building of a city. The lost civilizations implicated by the archaelogical
> >remains found in South and Cental America lend credence to the
> >possibility of an advanced culture that was wiped out suddenly. It is
> >possible then that the flood came after humans had once again advanced in
> >culture in Noah's time.
I do not intend to speculate on the exact sequence of events that may have
transpired in the beginning of the human race. I am only proposing a
possible scenerio that can be a investigative program:

Adam/Eve ---> Cain -----> (H. erectus and other hominids etc?) ----->
advancement of culture again and sin fills the earth (10,000-
20,000 Before Present?)------> Noachin Flood

I do not want to follow your rigorous line of argument since all the
arthopolgoical data are more circumstantial that need a lot of inference
to make sense. I am currently pursuing a project on analyzing the
molecular data on a possible scenerio of polyphyletic origins of life,
which seems to me a more fruitful approach. You probably will not hear
from me any more on the issue of anthropological evolution.

> Adam > H. erectus > Neanderthal------------------- > Cain's descendants
> Lost civilizations
> of Central and South America--4500 BC (Bower
> Flood
> our civilization develops
I would never place the Latin American culture before the flood. This is
only your interpretation. My brief reference to these lost cultures were
only in regards to the possibility of advanced culture being wiped out in
a short time without leaving behind any anthropological traces. I am not
qualified or interested in dating the flood with these meager data.

> This is what I gather from the above. If I am wrong please correct me.

I am not qualified to correct anyone. I can only express my own personal
opinions and my interpretation of the pertinent data from science and the
Scriptures on controversial issues.
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