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At 08:24 AM 6/5/98 -0500, Pattle Pun wrote:
>Antropologist James Buswell II believes Cain could have lost his cultural
>attainment because of the prevalence of sin based on Gen. 4:12. Thus a
>considerable part of the economic culture as God gave it to humans before
>the Fall might have been lost at an early date and then rediscovered
>gradally (Gen. 3:17-19). The advanced culture suggested by Cain's
>descendants can then be attributed to the arrival of civilization after
>many generations had elapsed and the human population had grown. This
>interpretation is borne out by Geen. 4:17 that suggests the presence of
>dynasties or tribes instead of individuals, and this necessitated the
>building of a city. The lost civilizations implicated by the archaelogical
>remains found in South and Cental America lend credence to the
>possibility of an advanced culture that was wiped out suddenly. It is
>possible then that the flood came after humans had once again advanced in
>culture in Noah's time.

Until the last couple of sentences I couldn't argue about the fit this view
has with the anthropological data. But the last two sentences changes
I want to lay it out so I can be sure I understand the scenario. I am not
trying to be difficult and don't want to get someone else mad at me. The
sequence of events you are proposing (or Buswell is proposing) is as follows:

H. erectus
Cain's descendants
Lost civilizations
of Central and South America--4500 BC (Bower
our civilization develops

This is what I gather from the above. If I am wrong please correct me.

The difficulty I see is largely with the flood. But I suspect there is a
part of this that you won't really like. Let me put dates on the various
items in the above list.

Adam--------is the oldest and is prior to H. erectus how long? don't know.
H. erectus--------------------1.9 MYR (Walker and Shipman p. 176,
240) Neanderthal------------------ 225,000-33,000 kyr (Stringer and Gamble,
p. 66)
Cain's descendants------------After 33,000 years?

Lost civilizations
of Central and South America--4500-1224 A.D. (BC Bower, 1994, p. 279;
Sherrat 1980 p. 389)

Flood After 1224 AD?????

our civilization develops--but it was developed prior to the destruction of
the Mayas.

Now, the other problem concerns the flood affecting the Central and South
American civilizations. Most of them were at high elevations (not the
Maya) and as such, to flood them would require a world-wide flood because
to cover Tiahuanaco (dated 500-1000 AD) would require that all land lower
than 3600 meters or 10,000 feet be covered by water. And it would come so
late that it would have covered the earth during the viking conquests.

Now I feel certain that you are not advocating that Adam lived prior to 1.9
MYR ago and I know that you are not advocating that the Flood was after the
fall of the Mayan Empire. Because I don't want to make someone else mad at
me, please tell me where my logic has gone astray. To me it seems that
there is a major problem with that view since it requires a flood in the
time between now and when Christ lived. And if buswell is talking about
earlier civilizations, then one must be aware that there are no advanced
civilizations before 4000 B.C.


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Adam, Apes and Anthropology
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& lots of creation/evolution information