Re: >Re: intell. des. and Berra's folly

Glenn R. Morton (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 20:10:30 -0500

At 07:25 AM 6/4/98 -0700, E G M wrote:
>I forgot to say that you also accused me of bad science and bad logic,
>both areas in which I have formal training, oh well!!. This really
>topped it Glenn.

So is there any system that you would agree is evolved? That is the issue.
You you asked me to provide an undoubtedly evolved system. Since you don't
believe anything is due to evolution how can I be sure that I can meet your
criteria? I believe that the economy is evolved, but it doesn't satisfy
you so give me some guidelines.

>" .... arrogance cannot be better repressed than when He [Christ]
>proves to us by experience, not only how great our weakness, but also
>our frailty is". Calvin's Institutes, III.viii.2
>This is it Glenn.
>Your ultimate defense is to accuse me of not being serious. This is a
>sad tactic of yours of which I have been the target several times.
>When I finally bring the matter clearly to the table, after having
>tried carefully to answer your objections, you then simply quit by
>accusing me of this or that. Moreover, I'm again "labeled" a
>non-evolutionists -- I guess this is also part of the stratagema to
>brush me aside. Don't worry Glenn, I learned my lesson, I won't
>exchange with you anymore, and I'm being serious.

I apologize and hope you will forgive me. I honestly don't remember doing
anything to you before, but if I did, I apologize.

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