Re: intell. des. and Berra's folly

E G M (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 07:17:34 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Glenn,

You are clearly committing the fallacies of misapplication of concepts
and of orders of magnitude. Behe writes a book (which I own and have
read) about I.C. *molecular and cellular* systems. At these length
scales we are dealing with the most basic "pieces" and "functions"
that make life possible. This is Leggo 101 if I may use the analogy.
Then you take this concept and apply to macro systems (a human being
and the economy) to prove Behe is wrong.

Nothing is stopping you from extrapolating Behe ideas to the macro
world but please recognize that you are misapplying Behe's original
concept (which you quoted for us in your previous message - thanks).
I remark about your gray matter was made for the sake of some humor :-).

At this point I have not kept my word because I'm still discussing the
issue when I said that I was not going to anymore. This is a futile
excercise. Everyone will continue to think in the framework of their
own paradigm. I just hope and pray that you'll agree that Behe's IC
definition was not meant to be applied in the macro-world.


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